Richard Corben’s Shadows On The Grave

Richard Corben is a towering legend in comics. Working steadily since the 1960s, he has built an amazing body of work that has appeared in titles like Vampirella, Creepy, Eerie, Heavy Metal, Hellblazer, Ghost Rider, Swamp Thing, Conan, and some stunning adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s work…just to name a few.

His latest comic is Richard Corben’s Shadows On The Grave, an anthology series written and drawn by Corben with an ongoing story continuing in each issue. The comic is in black and white and his art work is just as stunning as ever.

Corben is a living treasure. Every new comic is a cause for celebration and for me, his mainstream work for Marvel and DC always enhances whatever title he’s working on. For example, Hellblazer “Hard Time,” written by Brian Azzarrelo, is one of the stand out story arcs from the original Vertigo series, where Constantine winds up in prison for murder. It’s one of the darker, more fucked up stories, in a series full of them. The visuals in the third act prison riot are nothing short of haunting.

Shadows On The Grave continue the grand tradition of horror anthologies going back to the EC days with Corben’s inimitable style. Issue two is available now from Dark Horse Comics.