NECA Unleashes Ultimate Part 4 Jason Vorhees

If you know me you know how much I love Friday The 13th. Unashamedly. I rank Jason Vorhees right up their with Frankenstein’s Monster as far as classic and great movie monsters go. No, I don’t think every film in the franchise is great, but I love the franchise as a whole, and I’m very forgiving of it’s warts.


One aspect of fandom I engage in is collecting F13 memorabilia. That includes the action figures. Now, I’m poor, so I don’t have some massively impressive collection to show off, but I have a few things I really love-like NECA’s 8″ cloth retro F13 Part 3 Jason, which is just one of my favorite things.

NECA has done a stellar job with their various Jason figures (and pretty much anything else they’ve done). And now they’re really impressing me with the upcoming Ultimate Part 4 Jason! That’s right, one of the best versions of the characters from either the first or second best film in the franchise-usually depends on where you land on the whole zombie-Jason debate and where you rank Part 6.


Interchangeable hands, a hacksaw, corkscrew, machete, ax, knife, Pamela Vorhees’s gravestone, two heads, and two masks. All that on top of the figure itself being highly detailed and highly articulate. Best of all though-one of the heads is the death scene head and the machete can be inserted into it! Very freaking cool.

Right now Amok Time Toys is offering free shipping with pre-orders and the figure should be available at Toys-R-Us as well.